Saturday, 5 December 2015

Our Hearts Will Always Touch

This vicious disease has grabbed hold of you
my dearest and most precious father.
Minute by minute time is racing you down  
like a flower wilting in the moonlight.
It interrupts laughter, grabs the sparkles from my eyes   
shimmering under the shadow of grief.
This aching so intensely deep that
it cuts into my soul like a malicious knife.
Life is not passionate without its own heartbreak.
It humbles us and sets the bar for our own soul searching.
When I think of you my sweet, I know
you’ve sung your song to the world and
will leave behind a melody of memories
like light shining through cracks in the floor.
So embrace it with all your love and gentleness.
Be one with nature and harmonize with the angels
now that it is your time to walk into the light.

Saturday, 28 November 2015


I open the blinds and see
rain, fog and the white blanketed earth.
The ground is like a weightless blanket.
Winter suffocates me with its jaws
taking chunks out of me with its teeth;
smashing my mood into shards of melancholy.
The streets are desolate except for a few strays
shuffling along among the sludge.
An old man staggers while leaning on his cane;  
a look of profound despondency deeply etched upon his face.
Winter is ravaging my inner being
and turning my skin inward
towards the deficient light.
Lips so cracked, skin so raw whilst
the cold has seeped into my soul.
The naked trees do a dance of their own,
cheering and cavorting among themselves.
The sky paints a grey nothingness of gloom
looming down on the earth.
A woman pushing a stroller
is slipping and sliding
on the frozen earth
with tears of frustration running down her face.
Why does it all have to be so difficult
to march along to the tune of winter?
An insignificant ray of sunshine greets me,
sparking a ray of hope
deep into the blackness of my soul.
A fracture of light warms the frigid air.
Ever so miniscule, ever so worthless.
The sun has gone and in its place
I see the shadow of winter has yet returned
to torture me relentlessly;
destroying my optimism
of seeing the sun once again.
I close the blinds.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Darkness Into Light

I’m surrounded by the living with an aching soul
that cannot devote enough time for compassion.
With tears abundantly flowing down my face,
 I cannot understand where it suddenly vanished to.

During these shattered days and nights I have exhausted
the gift of laughter which is beyond repair.
Its like a rock skimming the water, and glinting in the twilight,
spreading outwards toward a moonbeam dancing on the water.
This dark velvet screen that hides my soul  
has damaged my inner essence eternally.

In a flash of illumination the screen has lifted
and a new angle has suddenly come into view.
My spirit thrusts me into the reality of this world,
which is both unfamiliar yet simultaneously welcoming.
My enlightened eyes feel the reality of this innovative life
as I stride forth peacefully and self assured.

I’ve been contemplating this life for so many years as
the dimness is irrevocably substituted by the light.
After giving up the darkness and obscurity of it all, 
I can now perceive where it all went astray.
I cherish every moment of my new life as my spirit
encompasses me with all its capacity.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Soul Of Dignity

With a sense of self reliance and poise, the self assured woman
moves effortlessly through humanity with a
sense of confidence and strength.
Her once careless spirit is now overflowing
with insightfulness and grace.
With a sense of confidence and beauty,               
she quietly, yet firmly proceeds through time.    
She now understands what it means to exist
with a liberated heart and a soul of dignity.
She has a resilient yet charitable heart,
and the inner beauty that she emanates
truly sets her apart from others
 like a character from a mythical fairytale.
She has now has come to the realization
of how much she needs for herself,
and how much to bestow upon society.
She has risen from the vestiges of despair
and soared to a new place of existence,
unfettered by things that once posed such resistance.
She feels the smoothness of her hands
and ponders at the energy they possess.
She has learned to convey her wants and requests.
She has triumphed over adversity, and overcome hardship
without hesitation or misgiving.
She now lives a life filled with self-esteem.
The one thing she never understood
she now knows to be true.
It all begins and ends with you.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Birth Of A New Day

The beauty about time is that you cannot waste it in advance, therefore
let today be the day you stop being a victim of your own circumstance.

Don’t let history interfere with your own destiny.

Break free from your tainted mentality.
Don’t let the neglected opportunity rob you of today’s uniqueness.

Allow this moment to be the time of a fearless paradise, while yesterday flees irrelevantly away.
Feast upon fruits of tranquility while letting this extraordinary time flow through you.

The next hours are lying in wait for you, so     
seize the wonder and rarity of the moment while
waiting for the birth of a new day.  

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Pure And Simple Solitude

Language has created the word loneliness
to express the ache of being alone.         
It has also created the word solitude
to express the wonderment of being alone.
One needs to delve into the inner core of oneself
and to probe into the psyche to find
the richness and stillness of pure and simple solitude.
To search for the true appreciation of being on one’s own.
Why do we find it necessary to spend so much
time with others when we infrequently
spend time with the wonderful creation of our own being.
The true nature of living is that
we are born into this world alone,
and so shall we depart it on our own.

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Two souls live in me, twins so divine,
walking among the stars
in gloomy darkness, and dazzling light.
You think that you know me,
but you can’t possibly see
past the murky waters of my mind.
Standing in the shadows, watching and waiting,
conscious of all the voices I can hear.

Living inside of my being, wrestling, and jolting me
as if there were electric currents thrusting me
into two worlds of precision and imperfection.

While living precariously on the edge
we follow our natural flow of existence, while
our imagination is unlimited, and often leads our minds astray.
Loving the intrigue and excitement of the chase,
running and bolting until we catch our prey.

Our versatility makes us adaptable to situations,
although, there is a struggle about who will ultimately triumph.
For all my imperfections, I am mere human and flawed.
I smile and swallow a tear as my mind goes numb,                                                
delving into the icy side of change.
Watching the heavenly twins walking among the stars, knowing
we are the yin and the yang, the true
chameleons of the zodiac.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Excruciatingly Beautiful

Those exquisite blue eyes overflowing with tears.
That once incredible face now filled
with earth shattering fear.

You are fading into oblivion with
your face so worn and ashen.

Catching a glimpse of the agonizing bruising, 
I realized with heartfelt grief that you are still using.

Reality sinks in when I notice your wrists.
Your eyes filled with ailing motionless mist.

Your emaciated body stretched out in a jagged stance
That by using and abusing, life grabbed away your chance.

Sunday, 19 October 2014


I must grow at a slow pace
in a dark cocoon of loneliness,
so ultimately I can fly like the wind.
Finally an emergence of my own self worth, and
I realize that I am unique and so are we all.
I yearn to find my inner core of what makes me me,
and realize that I have to delve into my own thoughts
to find my own significant self respect.
The time will come when with joy   
I will meet up with myself at my own front door.      

Saturday, 27 September 2014

My Reflection In The Mirror

You are my conscience, you are my actuality.
I can’t escape from you since you are my
friend, and simultaneously my enemy.
At times you suffocate and smother me.             

You are my courage and my genuine fear.
It is inescapable and inevitable
that you have the intensity and energy to observe it all.

You are my beauty and my viciousness.
You won’t allow me to hide
or scamper away to my secure place of darkness.

You are my true devotion
and also my misfortune.
Feeling it too, you realize there is no error
or room for judgment.

My deep thoughts penetrate
through my strong voice.
And with the higher power’s guidance
I am able to make the honest choice.

My face presents itself as an imposter,
and from time to time it presents itself
as my authentic one.
The mirror performs its amazing tricks  
since you are me, and I am you.